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Spain is on the right road says the Chancellor

What can Germany do to help?" was the main issue of German-Spanish business summit meeting in Madrid. Chancellor Angela Merkel was accompanied by a high-ranking German business delegation when she met Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Angela Merkel in discussion with Mariano Rajoy Talks focused on the euro when the Chancellor met the Spanish Prime Minister in Madrid Photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann

The Chancellor praised Spain’s reform moves, which she described as "very respectable and worthy of our support". She has, she said, "great respect for the reforms undertaken in Spain". She knows, however, from her own experience, that it will take time before the results are felt.

Impetus for viable jobs

The business summit aims to generate new impetus for increased economic cooperation. Specifically the spotlight was on ways of improving competitiveness, on creating viable jobs and on vocational training.

The Chancellor declared her absolute conviction that Spain is on the right road. The euro is more than just a currency, it is a political project, she declared. "We must restore confidence in the euro and we can do that by implementing reforms," said Angela Merkel in conclusion.


Sep 06, 2012