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The Chancellor meets representatives of migrants' organisations

Human dignity is inviolable - and that applies to everyone

"We have had dramatic incidents in conjunction with right-wing extremism," declared Chancellor Angela Merkel. Before the start of the integration summit, the Chancellor met with representatives of migrants’ organisations to discuss the consequences of the racist attacks in Hanau.

Chancellor Angela Merkel with representatives of migrants' organisations Before the integration summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel met with representatives of migrants' organisations at the Federal Chancellery. Photo: Bundesregierung/Kugler

"What can we do, with you, to ensure that everybody who lives in our country – no matter what their skin colour, no matter what their faith – can live in our country?" This was the question the government wanted to explore in talks with representatives of migrants’ organisations, explained Chancellor Angela Merkel. Article 1 of the German Basic Law, or constitution, states that human dignity is inviolable. "And that applies to everyone," stressed Angela Merkel.

Following the violent crimes Hanau, the government called this meeting at the Federal Chancellery, to discuss with representatives of migrants’ associations how they see the situation in Germany.

Countering xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism

"We have had terrible incidents – dramatic incidents in conjunction with right-wing extremism," stressed Angela Merkel. After the events in Halle, the German government adopted a package of measures, which has now been joined by draft legislation to make it quite clear that xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and hostility towards other religions and skin colours "is a major issue and a huge concern to us, the German government, and a matter where we obviously see our responsibility," said the Chancellor.

The Chancellor reported that the meeting was a preliminary discussion before the integration summit which followed, also at the Federal Chancellery.

Mar 02, 2020