On course for a democratic future

Tunisia On course for a democratic future

The German government congratulates Tunisia on the adoption of the country’s new constitution, declared deputy government spokesperson Christiane Wirtz. Tunisia has managed to adopt a constitution, within the scope of a peaceful process, which essentially provides for the rule of law.

Members of the Tunisian parliament hold national flags and celebrate the adoption of the new constitution.

The new constitution is adopted with great joy

Photo: picture alliance / AP Photo

The constitution guarantees fundamental rights and liberties and recognises gender equality. This points the country clearly in the direction of a democratic future, said Christiane Wirtz. "This is a great achievement of the Tunisian people, civil society and all political actors."

The country must now prepare for parliamentary elections in the spirit of the new constitution and put the political roadmap into practice, said the deputy government spokesperson. This will be a key task of the new transitional government.

"The German government is still placing its hopes in the ability of Tunisia in particular to achieve democratic change," stressed Christiane Wirtz. Germany will continue to support Tunisia.

Just before midnight on 26 January 2014 the new constitution was approved by the National Constituent Assembly with an overwhelming majority of 200 votes for, with only 12 against and 4 abstentions. This far exceeded the two-thirds majority required (145 votes), meaning that Tunisia can now dispense with the referendum that would otherwise have been needed.

Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter-Steinmeier also congratulated the Tunisian people, "This was a hard-won political success," he said.

Tunisia is the country where the Arab spring began more than three years ago. Tunisia has shown the world, said the Federal Foreign Minister, that genuine progress towards democracy and the rule of law, tolerance and civil rights is possible.

"Germany will spare no effort to support her Tunisian partners on their way towards a stable democracy," declared Frank-Walter Steinmeier.