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Attack in Mogadishu

German government condemns barbarous attack

The German government is appalled by the attack that cost well over 250 people their lives and left hundreds more injured on Saturday. Even in Somalia, the viciousness and dimensions of this attack make it one of the worst the country has seen.

Even in Somalia, where people have been living with the constant threat of terrorist acts for so long, this murderous attack stands alone by virtue of its "viciousness and scale", declared government spokesperson Steffen Seibert at the government press conference.

"At this time our thoughts are with the long-suffering people of Somalia, and with the families of the victims and those injured," said Steffen Seibert. This attack has once again made it clear that terrorists in Somalia aim to use their bombs to deny the people precisely what they so desperately want – peace, reconstruction, order and the chance of a peaceful future.

Supporting democratic processes

Steffen Seibert stressed that Germany will continue to support Somalia in spite of all the setbacks and all the tragedies. "We encourage the Somali government to continue along the path towards a democratic process, and to stabilisation inside the country, and to do so resolutely."

Germany is actively supporting Somalia, and in this pursues a holistic approach. As well as participating in EU missions, the German government is making a long-term contribution through development cooperation while also delivering humanitarian aid which aims to alleviate acute suffering.

"Together, this translates as very clear support for Somalia on its way to regaining stability. We will continue with approach most emphatically," he continued.

On Saturday (14 October 2017) a lorry was detonated at one of the busiest crossroads in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. According to reports, the death toll has now passed 250.

Oct 16, 2017