Emergency aid for Indonesia

Earthquake and tsunami hit Sulawesi Emergency aid for Indonesia

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that have hit the island of Sulawesi, the German government has made available 1.5 million euros in emergency aid. It is in contact with the Indonesian government and international partners to coordinate aid on the ground, reported federal government spokesperson Steffen Seibert.

A road following the tsunami

The devastating earthquake and the tsunami that followed cost more than 1,200 people their lives

Photo: SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

According to Indonesia’s national disaster risk management authority, at least 1,234 lives have been lost. Chancellor Angela Merkel was greatly saddened by the news of the disaster, said government spokesperson Steffen Seibert at the government press conference. "The scale of the destruction and of the human suffering is appalling," he said.

On Saturday the Chancellor sent her condolences to the President of the Republic of Indonesia by telegram. She expressed her deepest sympathy in view of the numerous victims and the widespread destruction.

Direct assistance for Indonesia

In addition to the German government’s emergency aid, the European Union is providing another 1.5 million euros at short notice. "It is good that the Indonesian government has actively approached the international community," said Steffen Seibert.

At the same time it will be important to coordinate this aid, and bring it into line with the needs on the ground in the crisis-affected region. To ensure this, the German government is in dialogue with the Indonesian government. and is coordinating its activities closely with international partners.

The Federal Foreign Office has set up a special task force, which is exploring ways of getting the aid swiftly and unbureaucratically to where it is most needed, said a spokesperson.