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Merkel receives May

Close cooperation despite Brexit

Germany and the United Kingdom should "remain closely connected", even after the country leaves the EU. This was emphasised by Federal Chancellor Merkel during a visit by British Prime Minister May in Berlin. The negotiations are now entering a decisive phase.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed the British Prime Minister Theresa May in Berlin, to discuss further steps in the negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Although the Chancellor regrets the withdrawal, the negotiations are now entering "a decisive phase", according to Merkel. “Since time is of the essence, and we need to have clarified the political framework by October, it is now also very important what the British government will decide in the next few days."

The Prime Minister announced that she will meet with her cabinet on Friday, to discuss the next steps in the exit process, and to make decisive progress with the process. She thanked Germany for its support in recent weeks.

Finally, the Chancellor emphasised how important a good relationship with Britain is for Germany: "I would like Britain and Germany to remain closely connected in the future." This will certainly be the case regarding foreign and security policy, and it remains to be seen what the British position will be on other matters.

Jul 05, 2018