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German nationals detained in Turkey

Call for due process to be upheld

Turkey has left the path of constitutionality, says Chancellor Merkel. The Federal Government's demands were clear, Government Spokesman Steffen Seibert said: "We expect Turkey to release those German nationals who are being detained on inexplicable grounds."

It appears that another German couple of Turkish descent has been taken into police custody in Istanbul, Martin Schäfer, spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office said on Monday (11 September). However, he conceded, it was still too early to "confirm that with absolute certainty". No official information was yet available about the situation.

Turkey leaving the path of constitutionality

Turkey is moving further and further from the path of constitutionality, says Chancellor Merkel, "sometimes at great speed". The Chancellor has urged Turkey to release those German nationals who were being detained on political grounds. Germany was ready "to do all in its power, to work day in, day out" to achieve that, Merkel said last week.

In her speech to the German Bundestag Angela Merkel called to mind those who were currently detained in Turkey, especially Mesale Tolu, who is in custody awaiting trial together with her two-year-old child.

More than 50 German nationals being detained in Turkey

Turkey arrested two German nationals on 31 August. Both have since been released. According to Martin Schäfer, one of the two is banned from leaving the country. The Federal Foreign Office was giving them consular assistance, he said.

More than 50 German nationals are currently being detained in Turkish prisons, 11 of them on political grounds. The Federal Foreign Office has issued more specific travel and safety advice for Turkey.

Deniz Yücel still in custody

Friday, 1 September marked Deniz Yücel's 200th day in custody in Turkey. The Federal Government was using every possible means to get the journalist released, Government Spokesman Steffen Seibert said. Since that goal has still not been achieved, the Federal Foreign Office was endeavouring to ensure that the German–Turkish journalist receives the best possible, intensive consular assistance. The Federal Government was also working hard for the release of the other German nationals in custody in Turkey, Seibert said.

Government expects rule-of-law procedures

What the Federal Government demands of Turkey is perfectly clear, said Steffen Seibert. The Chancellor had, he said, always made it clear that "we expect Turkey to release those German nationals who are being detained on inexplicable grounds."

Not only does Germany expect compliance with rule-of-law procedures. It also expects full compliance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, said Steffen Seibert. Breaches, including the failure to inform the German side that its nationals have been arrested or the denial of consular assistance, are completely unacceptable for the Federal Government

Sep 12, 2017