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Angela Merkel - Profile

Photo credits

Individual credits:

Portrait- photo: Federal Government/Steffen Kugler

Childhood in Brandenburg – photo: ullstein bild - P.S.I. Bonn

Parents – photo: Laurence Chaperon

At school in Templin – photo: picture-alliance/dpa/Bernd Gurlt

Peaceful revolution – photo: Meldepress

Government spokesperson – photo: J.H. Darchinger/Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Running for the Bundestag – photo: photothek/Thomas Imo

Minister for Women and Youth – photo: Federal Government/Christian Stutterheim

Policies aimed at women and families – photo: Federal Government/Christian Stutterheim

Minister for Women and Youth – photo: Federal Government/Christian Stutterheim

The environment – photo: picture-alliance/dpa

Climate protection – photo 1 : ullstein Bild/Ulrich Baumgarten; photo 2: Federal Government/Engelbert Reineke

Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany – photo: ullstein bild/ Meldepress

Party leader – photo: Marc-SteffenUnger

Federal Chancellor – photo: Federal Government/GuidoBergmann

Grad Coalition – photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Election as Federal Chancellor – photo: Bundesregierung/Andrea Bienert

Hosting summits – photo 1: Federal Government/Sebastian Bolesch; photo 2: Federal Government/Bernd Kühler

Re-elected Federal Chancellor (2009) – photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Euro – photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Turnaround in energy policy – photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

In the stadium – photo 1: Federal Government/Jesco Denzel; photo 2: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Pope Benedikt 2011 - photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Future Dialogue – photo: Federal Government/Steffen Kugler

Audience with the pope 2013 - photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Third Re-election for Federal Chancellor (2013) - photo: Federal Government/Matthias Ferdinand Döring

Federal Chancellor (2013) - photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

FIFA WM - photo: Federal Government/Guido Bergmann

Bürgerdialog - photo: Federal Government/Sandra Steins

G7 Elmau - photo: Federal Government/Michael Gottschalk

Personal life – photo 1: Federal Government/Sandra Steins; photo 2: action press/Alexander Bölling; photo 3: picture-alliance/dpa/Boris Roessler