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Angela Merkel in the USA

"We stand for the same principles"

The Chancellor has made it quite plain that Germany and the USA will not let themselves be divided by the crisis in Ukraine. "We stand for the same principles of territorial integrity," said Angela Merkel after her meeting with President Obama. She does not see any military solution to the Ukraine conflict. They also discussed the global economy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with President Barack Obama. The situation in Ukraine was one of the main points on the agenda when the Chancellor met President Obama Photo: Bundesregierung/Bergmann

The security challenges were the focus of her talks with President Barack Obama reported Chancellor Angela Merkel at the press conference in the White House. Angela Merkel made the most of her stay in Washington to discuss the situation of the global economy. A meeting with the World Bank President is also planned.

Preparations for the G7 summit

The Chancellor pointed out that her visit to the USA was linked to Germany’s G7 Presidency. The G7 summit is to be held at the start of June 2015 in Schloss Elmau. Preparations are to be closely coordinated. The agenda will, of course, embrace "the development of the global economy". From a European point of view, major progress has been made on some fronts. "We have countries that have turned the corner and are now seeing their economies grow again." Ireland is a particularly good example. But Spain and Portugal too have made major economic achievements.

Free trade agreement important

The European focus is still on economic growth and structural reforms. One point in this context is the conclusion of a free trade agreement. Germany will be working to ensure that "European negotiating successes become more visible." The agreement is in Germany’s own best interests, but also in Europe’s interests.

A number of development issues were also raised with a view to the G7, including the Ebola crisis. The question is how to ensure that we can respond more swiftly and more effectively in future. The G7 could make an important contribution here.

Close cooperation to resolve conflict

Alongside the G7 issues, the President and the Chancellor discussed topical international policy issues including the crisis in Ukraine, dealings with Russia, Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism. With a view to the Ukraine crisis Angela Merkel underlined the fact that Germany and the USA stand for the same principles, including territorial integrity. "I can only say that if we abandon this territorial integrity, we will not be able to retain Europe’s peace order." This principle has been violated by Russia in Crimea and the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, said the Chancellor.

Efforts to resolve the crisis in the interests of the peace order

Now we are called on to seek a diplomatic solution. The Chancellor stressed that she could see no military solution to the Ukraine crisis. The close consultation and coordination between the USA and Europe is an important message for Russia.

Commenting on the relationship between Germany and the USA Angela Merkel continued, "We cooperate closely on efforts to resolve the conflicts in the world." The transatlantic partnership is indispensable, she added. She once again thanked the USA for its role in Germany’s reunification.

Flying on to Ottawa

After her visit in Washington, the Chancellor will fly on to Canada, where she will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

G7 summit in Schloss Elmau
At the G7 summit in Brussels at the beginning of June 2014, Germany assumed the G7 Presidency. On 7 and 8 June 2015, Germany will host the summit of heads of state and government. The venue, Schloss Elmau, is about 100 km south of Munich in the Bavarian Alps. Germany last held the G8 Presidency in 2007.

In addition to matters of the global economy, foreign policy, security policy and development policy, the summit will offer a forum for the heads of state and government to discuss the UN conferences on climate change and the post-2015 agenda scheduled for 2015. Other focuses will be protection of the marine environment and efficient natural resource management, as well as countering resistance to antibiotics and neglected and poverty-related diseases including Ebola.

Feb 09, 2015