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Foreign trips

17 Dec '15

European Council meeting in Brussels

Chancellor Angela Merkel at the European Council press conference

EU's external borders must be better protected

To stem the influx of asylum-seekers, the European Union is to decide on common border and coastal protection measures by summer. The European Council would like to see the United Kingdom remain in the European Union. Speaking in Brussels, the Chancellor stressed the importance of the talks in Vienna in order to find a political solution in Syria. more

30 Nov '15

Angela Merkel at the UN Climate Change Conference

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel spricht auf der Klimakonferenz bei Paris.

"We must act today"

The Chancellor is pushing for an agreement to be reached "that is ambitious, comprehensive, fair and binding". The aim must be to keep global warming down to a rise of no more than two degrees Celsius, said Angela Merkel at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. more

29 Nov '15

EU-Turkey summit in Brussels

Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Action plan agreed to address the refugee crisis

The EU leaders have agreed with Turkey on an action plan to reduce the influx of refugees to Europe. The EU has pledged a total of three billion euros to improve the living conditions of refugees in Turkey. more

25 Nov '15

Angela Merkel promises support

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks at the Place de la République.

Solidarity with France

At the Place de la République in Paris, the Chancellor has paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks on 13 November. At the same time, Angela Merkel stressed that Germany will give France whatever support it requests. The so-called Islamic State must be fought. more

15 Nov '15

G20 summit in Turkey

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble, Federal Finance Minister, at a press conference

A strong signal against terrorism

Chancellor Angela Merkel has reported that the G20 summit sent a "resolute signal" in the fight against terrorism. A wide spectrum of international cooperation is important, she said, partly to stop the flow of funds to terrorists. Angela Merkel also announced that Germany would hold the G20 presidency in 2017. more

12 Nov '15

Special European Council meeting in Malta

Chancellor Angela Merkel in conversation with French President François Hollande

EU plans summit meeting with Turkey

An EU-Turkey summit is to be held soon to discus further cooperation on refugee-related matters, announced Chancellor Angela Merkel following an informal meeting of the EU heads of state and government in in Valletta. Meetings are also planned with Jordan and Lebanon. more

11 Nov '15

EU-Africa Summit in Malta

Chancellor Angela Merkel talks to African leaders.

Ushering in a new phase of cooperation

In Valletta, EU and African leaders have adopted an action plan to address illegal migration and tackle the root causes of the problem. Young people in Africa are to be offered better prospects. Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that a longer-term process will be needed to realise the plan. more

29 Oct '15

The Chancellor in China

Chancellor Angela Merkel with Chinese children

China is an important player in the world, says Chancellor

At the end of her visit to China, Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed, "It is good and it is the right thing to do to visit China once a year, because things are developing so quickly here." Political talks centred on the international situation and China’s role in the global economy. more

25 Oct '15

EU Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route

Important humanitarian matters resolved, reports Chancellor

Reception capacities are to be increased by 100,000 places, 400 police officers are to be deployed in Slovenia, the flow of information is to be improved and border management enhanced – these were the main outcomes of the EU Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route. The primary objective was "to alleviate the suffering of refugees" said the Chancellor after the meeting. more

18 Oct '15

Chancellor Angela Merkel in Turkey

Chancellor Angela Merkel in discussion with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Addressing the refugee issue together

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have agreed to cooperate more closely on the refugee situation. Other issues discussed at their meeting included Turkey’s EU accession process, visa agreements and return agreements with Turkey. more

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