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Foreign trips

31 Oct '19

German-Indian government consultations

The start of German-Indian government consultations: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets Chancellor Angela Merkel in New Delhi.

India and Germany agree closer cooperation

On many of the crucial issues that will shape the future, Germany and India intend to step up cooperation. The two governments decided this when they met in New Delhi. Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed to a special tradition that links the two countries. more

05 Sep '19

Angela Merkel in China

Angela Merkel in a lilac blazer standing on a bridge over a very wide brown river, beside a gesticulating Chinese gentleman and a Chinese lady carrying papers

Chancellor advocates multilateralism

The Chancellor’s twelfth visit to China has ended with a visit to Wuhan, the metropolis that is home to millions. At Huazhong University for Science and Technology, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on students to continue "China’s road to greater openness and reforms". more

28 Jun '19

Merkel at the G20 Summit in Japan

Overview of working session at G20 Summit.

Important signals on trade, digitalisation and climate protection

The second day of the G20 Summit in Osaka focussed on women's rights, sustainability and climate change. In their final declaration, the 20 leading industrial and emerging countries committed themselves to free and fair trade, a reform of the WTO, new rules in light of digitalisation, and to climate protection. more

02 Feb '19

Angela Merkel in Japan

Chancellor Angela Merkel in conversation with Emperor Akihito

Long-standing friendship is an "incentive to cooperate more closely"

A new, higher level of Japanese-German relations – that is the outcome of the Chancellor’s two-day visit to Japan. At a meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Chancellor announced that their common commitment to international free trade and multilateralism would be extended, and trade stepped up. more

23 Aug '18

Chancellor visits South Caucasus

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze at a joint press conference

Closer cooperation with Georgia

"Through the EU, we are heading towards more intensive cooperation with Georgia," declared Chancellor Angela Merkel in Tbilisi, the first stop on her visit to the South Caucasus region. The country is already a very close partner, she said. On Friday and Saturday, she is to visit Armenia and Azerbaijan. more

24 Aug '18

Angela Merkel in Azerbaijan

Chancellor Angela Merkel with Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan

Important partner for energy supplies

Last day of the Chancellor’s trip to the South Caucasus: In Azerbaijan, Angela Merkel met with President Ilham Aliyev to discuss relations with Germany and the EU, energy supplies and human rights. The Chancellor would like to see closer economic cooperation. more

20 Jun '18

Chancellor in Jordan and Lebanon

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Rafiq Hariri at the press conference.

Economic development ensures stability

Lebanon and Jordan can count on further German assistance to cope with the refugee situation there. This assurance was given by the Chancellor during her visit to the Middle East. These two countries are amongst those who have taken in the most Syrian refugees. more

30 Apr '17

Angela Merkel visits the Gulf

Angela Merkel and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Important actors in the region

As part of the preparations for the G20 summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Topics on the agenda included climate change mitigation and women's rights, as well as efforts to find a political solution for Syria and Yemen. more

02 Feb '17

Visit to Turkey

Chancellor Angela Merkel during a working lunch with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Angela Merkel calls for freedom of opinion

At a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Chancellor Angela Merkel has underscored the important role played by the Opposition in a democracy. With a view to the planned referendum in Turkey, Angela Merkel said that everything must be done to preserve the separation of powers and freedom of opinion. more

03 Sep '16

Angela Merkel at the G20 summit in China

Chancellor Angela Merkel at the first session of the G20 summit in China

Sustainable growth and social responsibility

The global economy needs new impetus. At the close of the G20 summit, the Chancellor announced that projects now agreed would be reviewed during the German Presidency. It is important to combine sustainable growth with social responsibility, she said. more

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