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European Council meets in Brussels A diplomatic tour de force, says Angela Merkel

The EU heads of state and government have approved the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration on the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Chancellor Angela Merkel declared, "In the view of the 27 member states a foundation has now been put in place for an orderly withdrawal and the establishment of future relations." more

General debate in the German Bundestag Getting others involved - in Germany's own best interests

Digitalisation and the question as to how Germany can master the challenges posed by a globalised world in the 21st century – those were the main focuses of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech in the German Bundestag. She also expressed her confidence that agreement could be reached on Brexit at the European Council meeting on Sunday. more

Remembering together on the National Day of Mourning We are responsible for what we have learned from the war

Chancellor Angela Merkel has remembered the war dead and the victims of violence of all nations, together with French President Emmanuel Macron. The National Day of Mourning is also a day that reminds us how precious peace is. more

Chancellor visits Chemnitz For a tolerant society

"Chemnitz is neither grey nor brown" is the motto of an initiative launched by medium-sized businesses. Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to see for herself that this was the case when she visited the city and talked to local people. A lot of people in Chemnitz are working hard to foster respectful and tolerant coexistence. more


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