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Chancellor Merkel praises local health offices

Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasised the importance of local health offices in the fight against COVID-19. Following a video conference with staff at the health office in Harz district, the Chancellor said that public health offices were playing a “pivotal role”. “Together with the Länder, we will give them additional support wherever it’s needed,” she stressed.

Statement by the Federal Chancellor Statement by the Federal Chancellor Foto: Bundesregierung/Denzel

Topic: Video conference with the health office of Harz district, the commissioner of Harz district as well as the Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt

Speaker: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

FEDERAL CHANCELLOR MERKEL: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just paid a virtual visit, that’s to say I had a video conference with the health office in Harz district, the district commissioner as well as Minister-President Haseloff. With this visit, I wanted to thank all health offices in the Federal Republic of Germany and, at the same time, find out more about the specific work they do.

We all know that public health offices and the public health service are playing a pivotal role in the fight against this pandemic. In this connection, it’s crucially important that the health offices do their work well – and the staff is doing a good job – and that they tell us when they need more help. We also spoke about this. They have received additional support. We have the scouts. We also have the Bundeswehr which, if necessary, is ready to provide assistance. This is therefore a vital point at which it will be determined whether we really can trace all contacts of newly infected persons.

So today’s conversation was very important to me. I’d like to express my sincere thanks once more. Let me tell you – the staff are committed to their work. Their efforts will be successful. Together with the Länder, we will give them additional support wherever it’s needed.

However, I want to stress once more that we’re now entering a new phase in the pandemic and that it will now be necessary to be certain that, despite the easing of the containment measures, we truly have security that people are abiding by the basic rules, that’s to say keeping their distance from one another, wearing a mask and showing consideration for each other. That’s essential.

Thank you very much.

Montag, 11. Mai 2020