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- With citizens for citizens -

government strategy "wirksam regieren" (citizen-centred government)

"We want to increase the delivery and effectiveness of political projects by developing projects more strongly from the point of view of and with participation from citizens."

Source: coalition agreement between the CDU, CSU and SPD in December 2013

The Federal Government has followed through on this goal from the coalition agreement in December 2013. The project group "wirksam regieren" (citizen-centred government) in the Federal Chancellery has been supporting ministries and other government agencies since 2015 in getting citizens involved in the design and continuous improvement of specific projects.

Whether law or administrative rule, administrative process or a simple form – the state has a wide variety of options for organizing society and pursuing political goals. For each of these cases, the following questions need to be answered: what is the optimal design and how should the implementation look like for achieving the political goal in question?

For selected political projects, wirksam regieren tests alternative options for design and implementation. This is done very practically, under realistic conditions, and in dialogue with citizens.