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13 Dec '12

European Council

Chancellor Angela Merkel with José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission (at right) and other summit participants, as they prepare for the "family photo".

Angela Merkel sees 2012 in a positive light overall

At the European Council meeting in Brussels, the EU heads of state and government agreed on the next priorities to be tackled between now and June 2013. Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that the top priorities must be to put in place a European banking supervisory body and to push forward with economic and currency union. more

10 Dec '12


Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande greet the assembled company together as Thorbjörn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee made special mention of Franco-German reconciliation.

Continent of peace

In Oslo the Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the European Union the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of decades of work for peace and reconciliation in Europe. more

16 Nov '12

Government consultations

Merkel und Putin im Gespräch vor Fahnen.

Dialogue with Russia strengthened

Chancellor Angela Merkel would like to see more exchange with Russia. Speaking at the 14th German-Russian government consultations she praised the wide spectrum of cooperation between the two countries, but also expressed her concern about planned Russian legislation. more

12 Nov '12

Portugal trip

Angela Merkel and Pedro Passos Coelho deep in discussion

Angela Merkel sees signs of great determination

Chancellor Angela Merkel has praised the "courageous action" taken by the Portuguese government in the face of the sovereign debt crisis. During her visit to Lisbon she noted Portugal’s improved competitiveness. Austerity programmes are not an end in themselves, she declared. more

07 Nov '12

European Parliament

Chancellor Angela Merkel sits beside Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament (at right).

"Together we are Europe"

In a keynote address to the Members of the European Parliament, Chancellor Merkel has called for the economic and currency union to be strengthened. more

09 Oct '12


Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras at Athens Airport

Germany intends to be a good partner

During her visit to Athens, Chancellor Angela Merkel praised the progress already made by Greece in overcoming the country’s sovereign debt crisis. The pace of reform has picked up she said, and reaffirmed that she would like to see Greece remain part of the euro zone. more

07 Sep '12

German-Austrian relations

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann welcomes Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vienna with military honours

Polical talks in Vienna

The political talks Angela Merkel has just attended in Vienna also revolved around the euro. With her Austrian opposite number Werner Faymann she discussed the economic and financial situation within the euro zone, as well as the bilateral relations between the two countries. more

06 Sep '12


Angela Merkel in discussion with Mariano Rajoy

Spain is on the right road says the Chancellor

What can Germany do to help?" was the main issue of German-Spanish business summit meeting in Madrid. Chancellor Angela Merkel was accompanied by a high-ranking German business delegation when she met Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. more

29 Aug '12


Angela Merkel and Wen Jiabo shake hands with Airbus staff.

Good economic cooperation

On the second day of her visit to China, the Chancellor gained a first hand impression of the close economic ties between Germany and China. At the Airbus plant in Tianjin she praised the "success story" of this cooperation. more

22 Aug '12

State visit

Chancellor Angela Merkel is welcomed at the airport.

The first steps towards the EU

Bilateral relations, Moldova's reform efforts and developments in the region were the focus of Chancellor Angela Merkel's talks in the Republic of Moldova. It was the first time a German Chancellor had visited Moldova since it became independent. more

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