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12 Oct '11

Asia trip

A young woman in traditional Mongolian costume offers the Chancellor a dish of dried curd cheese at the airport.

Building a fair long-term partnership

During her visit to Mongolia, Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Germany's interest in fair long-term cooperation between the two countries. Mongolia, a parliamentary democracy, is an important role model in Central Asia declared Angela Merkel in her address to the Mongolian Parliament. A government agreement on cooperation in the extractive, industrial and technological sectors was signed. more

11 Oct '11

Asia trip

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung

Strategic partnership with Viet Nam

Chancellor Angela Merkel has signed several German-Vietnamese agreements. They relate to trade and research, but also to development cooperation. During her trip to Asia the Chancellor will also be visiting Mongolia. more

29 Sep '11

Summit meeting in Warsaw

Angela Merkel in discussion with representatives of the Belarusian opposition

Supporting democratic reforms

At the Eastern Partnership summit meeting, Chancellor Angela Merkel has pointed to the need for democratic reforms, particularly in Belarus and the Ukraine. The aim must be, she said, "to establish values like those we have and share in the European Union". more

01 Sep '11


Heads of state and government at the Paris meeting on Libya

International assistance for Libya

Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Libya's new National Transitional Council German assistance, for instance in building police structures. Germany could also help draw up a new constitution and assist the Libyan people in coming to terms with their past, she said. Speaking at the Paris meeting, the Chancellor also advocated that sanctions against Libya be lifted swiftly. She also thanked all nations that were part of the NATO military operations. more

23 Aug '11


Chancellor Merkel and the Serbian President Tadic

A country with a European outlook

Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the idea of Serbian EU membership: "We believe that Serbia  belongs in Europe“, Merkel said during a visit in Belgrade. The country has been a potential candidate for accession since 2000. more

22 Aug '11


Chancellor Merkel and the Croatian Prime Minister Kosor during the military honours

Partners in the Western Balkans

Chancellor Angela Merkel described the completion of negotiations for ’s accession into the EU as a "great and tremendous success" during her visit in. In her opinion this could be a signal for other countries. and want to further deepen their economical cooperation. more

14 Jul '11

Africa visit

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Cooperation with Nigeria

In Abuja Chancellor Angela Merkel has met President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. A bi-national commission is now to be established in order to strengthen relations between Germany and Nigeria. more

13 Jul '11


Stengthening our partnership with Angola

During her visit to Luanda, Chancellor Angela Merkel has praised Angola's development efforts over the last ten years. Germany, she said, would be supporting this development in the widest sense, both in the fields of education and research and in terms of economic cooperation. more

08 Jun '11


Angela Merkel keeps the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Medal of Freedom as a tribute to Angela Merkel's life achievement

The American President Barack Obama has awarded Chancellor Angela Merkel the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Speaking in Washington D.C., Angela Merkel declared that she saw the Medal of Freedom as a testimony to the excellent partnership that exists between the United States of America and Germany. The award will, she said, spur her on and encourage her. more

01 Jun '11

Asia trip

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Stepping up economic relations with Singapore

In Singapore Chancellor Angela Merkel has emphasised the "close relations that exist between Germany and Singapore". Relations are particularly close in the economic sphere. Singapore has an incredibly dynamic economy, declared the Chancellor. This is an excellent starting point for German businesses, which feel very much at home in Singapore, she added.  more

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