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Foreign trips

25 Aug '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Press conference in Paris.

Door still open for Iran

Speaking after their meeting in Paris on August 25, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Jacques Chirac expressed hope that the situation in the Middle East can soon be stabilized. The nuclear conflict with Iran and the next Franco-German summit were also subjects of discussion. more

17 Jul '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Chancellor Merkel chatting with other G8 participants.

G8 summit took place in an open and honest atmosphere

On the last day of the G8 summit there were talks with emerging countries and international organizations. Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a positive assessment of the summit, saying there had been a will to arrive at joint statements. more

23 May '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports


China's dynamic economic growth unparalleled

At meetings in Shanghai, a booming city with a population of 20 million, Chancellor Angela Merkel again brought up the subjects of product piracy and human rights. During a visit to the city's urban development museum she was shown how Shanghai is preparing for Expo 2010 where Germany, too, will have a pavilion. more

22 May '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Chancellor Merkel and Premier Wen Jiabao walking past the honor guard.

Germany and China: Strategic partnership in global responsibility

Chancellor Angela Merkel met in Beijing with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. A number of major contracts were signed in their presence. more

12 May '06


Summit logo.

Europe meets with Latin America

Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Vienna on May 12 to attend an EU-Latin America/Caribbean summit. Leaders of sixty countries gathered in the Austrian capital to promote cooperation between the two continents. more

11 May '06
Chancellor Merkel and Slovakian Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda

Chancellor Merkel in Slovakia

At their talks in Bratislava, Chancellor Merkel and Slovakian Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda were agreed that the EU constitutional process must go on. more

05 May '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Merkel giving her speech; Kofi Annan seated on the right.

Assuming historical responsibility for Israel

In a keynote speech at the American Jewish Committee's 100th Annual Meeting Gala Dinner and Reception in Washington Chancellor Angela Merkel referred to recognition of Israel's right to exist as an unshakable constant of German foreign policy. She shared the podium with President George W. Bush and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. more

04 May '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Chancellor Merkel and President Bush in the White House.

International unity against the Iranian nuclear program

Germany and the United States are determined to work together with the rest of the international community to achieve a diplomatic solution to the nuclear dispute with Iran. Speaking in Washington Wednesday evening, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President George W. Bush stated that they would work together to try to get a UN Security Council resolution. more

04 May '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel im Gespräch mit dem ehemaligen US-Außenminister Kissinger, im Hintergrund BDI-Präsident Thumann

New impetus for transatlantic economic exchange

Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed the German government's intention to continue to expand economic relations with the United States. Speaking in New York before an audience that included numerous representatives of the German and American business communities, she underscored Germany's attractiveness as a place for corporate investment. more

26 Apr '06

The Chancellor’s travel reports

Chancellor Merkel and President Putin.

Education, research, and innovation of key importance in German-Russian relations

Siberia's wealth in natural resources has resulted in it sometimes being called Russia's "treasure chest". With this in mind, the western Siberian city of Tomsk can be seen as a suitable venue for holding German-Russian intergovernmental consultations under the banner of stable economic relations. Tomsk is also a city known for its university and as a center of scientific research. Cooperation in the field of education was the main subject of discussion on the first day of Russo-German talks. more

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