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19 Aug '15

Intergovernmental consultations in Brasília

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

Working together for a better climate

Germany and Brazil want to intensify their cooperation in many policy areas, notably in the fields of climate protection and sustainable development. This was agreed upon by the participants of the first German-Brazilian intergovernmental consultations in Brasília. more

25 Jan '13

Summit in Latin America

Summit in Latin America - pooling forces for sustainable development

"Our development is mutually dependent"

Stepping up investment in everybody's interests was one goal of the summit that brought together the states of the European Union and Latin and Caribbean states. Germany and Chile signed an agreement on mining and the extractive sector. more

19 May '08

Latin America 

Helping Colombia come to terms with its recent past

On the second day of her visit to Bogotá, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to the Public Prosecutor Mario Iguarán. They looked at how the judicial system is dealing with terrorist crimes committed in the country. To help the Colombian judiciary question witnesses in remote areas, the Chancellor handed over mobile hearings units. more

17 May '08

Latin America

Helping Colombia make its way

It was the first time a German head of government had visited Colombia. Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged support in the fight against drug cultivation and terrorism. The two countries also aim to push forward with an investment agreement and strengthen cooperation in the field of science and research. more

17 May '08

EU-Latin America 

Europe and Latin America: Strategic Partners

The Chancellor has now reached the highlight of her Latin American trip - the EU-Latin America summit in Lima. On the agenda were poverty reduction, global climate protection and the environmentally sound manufacture of biofuels. Angela Merkel also made the most of the opportunity to hold talks with many heads of government. more

15 May '08

Latin America 

Progress in harmony with nature

Germany and Peru have signed two government agreements. They intend to cooperate more closely in the fight against drugs and on renewable energies. On the second leg of her Latin American trip, Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the fact that environmental cooperation is a growing field with many exciting projects. more

15 May '08


Biofuel - one topic on the agenda at the EU-Latin America summit

Biofuels seem to be the common thread throughout the Chancellor's trip to Latin America, at least if we look at the two first days. At the EU-Latin America summit too Chancellor Angela Merkel intends to broach the problems of biofuel production. She announced this at the official opening of the Virtual Reality Centre of Volkswagen do Brasil. more

14 May '08

Latin America 

In Brazil Angela Merkel calls for environmentally-friendly production of biofuel

Clear criteria should be established to ensure that biofuels are produced fairly and in a way that does not damage the environment. "I believe that we need bioethanol, but if the fuel is to be accepted, production must be in line with the imperatives of sustainable development," declared the Chancellor, after talks with the Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Brazil is the first stop on the Chancellor's one-week trip to Latin America. more

13 May '08

Latin America 

Further developing partnership with Latin America

Chancellor Angela Merkel left on Tuesday lunchtime for a one-week trip to Latin America. In the Peruvian capital Lima she will be attending the EU-Latin America summit. The Chancellor will also be holding talks in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. She sees opportunities for increased cooperation, in particular in the fields of climate, the environment, energy and education. more

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